Undying LoveGod hath not promised skies 售屋網always blue, Flower strew pathways all our 賣房子lives threw. God hath not promised sun 新成屋without rain, Joy without sorrow, Nor 房屋買賣peace without pain. But God hath promised 找房子strength for labor, Light for the way, 土地買賣Grace for the trials, Help from above, 酒店經紀Unfailing sympathy and, Undying love. 酒店工作 沒人懂 有時候只有自己懂自己和自己的對話不酒店打工一定在安靜的時候越是喧囂 越有一個逐漸擴大的酒店兼職黑洞無形中成形像颱風 逐漸逼近
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